Friday, December 26, 2003

I should be at my goal of 300 pounds and immobile by the New Year.

Because we simply did not have enough deserts in the house (by last count, brownies, cookies, fudge, more cookies, and some cookies), when we went to the store for coffee just now we picked up Profiteroles and an apple pie. I don't think I have ever purchased a pre-made pie before, but there is a first time for everything, or so I am told. It is usually a point of pride for me to make pies from scratch, but frankly, it is the day after Christmas and the thought of taking the time is unappealing at best.

We've spent pretty much all day with our shiny new Firefly DVDs. We love Jenn. When we're through with these, we have the Black Hawk Down special edition to play with, also from Jenn, and Neverwhere from my mom, and Sullivan's Travels from John (who assures us that we can wait till his visit in February to watch it), and The Best of Hunter S. Thompson (which I am afraid of) from Sledge, and THE ALIEN QUADRILOGY which my wonderful father gave Will. There is a distinct possibility that we will never leave the house again.