Saturday, February 28, 2004

Let's play "Guess That Job!"

I was looking through some job listings, and had gotten bored of the administrative listings, so I scooted over to "miscellaneous."

I found an, er, opportunity to make $5000 in just a few months. There were many requirements, including these:

Non-smoker, NO Drug users!

College student / College graduate
Given the nature of the job, The first line makes perfect sense. However, the college requirement is even more absurd than it is for most jobs. I can understand potential employers buying into the assumption that if you don't have a college education you can't file or answer the phone, even though it is clearly untrue. But for this? All that should be required is consent and good health.

Guessing games be damned. It's egg donation. So I suppose that being female would also be a reasonable requirement...