Thursday, February 26, 2004

Oh, just shut UP!

That isn't aimed at anyone in particular. I've just been feeling the urge to say it all day.

I promised substance for this update, which was a terrible mistake; I don't have anything to say.

I'm starting to get upset about Angel's cancellation, because Mutant Enemy has a lot of plot threads going and they're all good for once (the most recent one is still uncertain, but that's a given), and I don't know how they're going to resolve things to my satisfaction. And it is all about me.

Last night I made pizza. And it was good. I should make pizza every day.

I've been planning out my dream house, so that I can be prepared for crushing disappointment when we eventually go house shopping. The good news is that I figured out how we can afford to have one. The bad news is that now I have to find a full-time job. By my calculations, even if my take-home is only a grand a month, we can pay off debts within six months, take a little vacation, and have a down-payment within one to three years. We'll probably have to get a second car, which would set us back, but only by a month or so if we buy a clunker and plan to trade it in later. I'm also hoping for some cash gifts at the wedding, but not counting on it, as most of the people we know aren't exactly wealthy.

A WD discussion on Angel's cancellation has turned into a pitch fest for a reality series. I feel that my contributions were priceless and should be read by all.

As hinted on Saturday, the wedding issues pretty much resolved themselves. Will's parents were being very pushy about hosting a rehearsal dinner their way, and we objected. They pulled out, leaving it up to us to come up with an alternative (if we so choose). This is exactly what we wanted, but we're a little annoyed that they didn't let us tell them that. I plan to get my revenge* by going shopping with my sister. What kind of lingerie does one wear with a wedding dress, anyway?

Will and I are starting a Production Company at some indeterminate time in the future. Any possible financial backers are welcome.

San Francisco judges continue to rock my world.

Robert Rodriguez, normally a favorite of mine, is taking on the movie adaptation of Sin City, my favorite graphic novel of all time. I am really not thrilled with the idea. However, Frank Miller (the author) will be heavily involved, so there is some hope. And if nothing else, Batman will kick ass. I think I will die if it doesn't. (Blogger spellcheck wants to replace "Batman" with "Bateman." I loved The Hogan Family and all, but puh-leaze.)

*this is actually a non-sequitur.