Thursday, April 08, 2004

Sound medical advice.

So I'm half naked in the examination room, waiting for my doctor to come in and prod my girl parts, and I'm reading Redbook, the magazine most convenient to where I am sitting. Yikes - now I know everything about Nick and Jessica. Anyway, there was an article that told me that I probably shouldn't try to bring my child's fever down, because - get this - the fever is the body's way of fighting illness. Gee! Really? I've only known that since I was FIVE! I am appalled that people don't know that. It's so sad to me that important information like that is (apparently) not common knowledge.

Then on the drive home (I am skipping the part where I had to get $20 out of the bank and pay a $2 ATM surcharge just for the $1 parking fee because I am so mad about it) I was listening to the radio and heard a commercial for something called Chaser. It is a pill that you take when you drink that claims to absorb the toxins in alcohol that cause you to have a hangover. Oops, my mistake! I thought hangovers were from dehydration! I guess I can skip having a glass of water for every drink, because I am obviously drinking the magic toxin-free alcohol.

In other news, Will has a half day tomorrow, which makes it a good Friday (groan). It's just what the doctor ordered (double groan)!