Saturday, April 10, 2004

This is what we did this day:

After a lovely Friday evening of Thai food and watching Deadwood with Jenn, I slept solidly and woke up motivated to, you know, do stuff. So we re-hung our Ring posters, which we've been meaning to do for a couple of weeks. I should clarify that by Ring I mean not The Lord of the Rings nor yet Ringu/The Ring, but Wagner's Der Ring Des Nibelungen. It's a four poster set, and arranged together the pattern on the posters forms a ring. It's very classy. After that we had breakfast and I read a book while Will played around with GTA Vice City, which he's already beat.

I got restless. You know that feeling when you're dissatisfied but it has nothing to do with the person you're with or the things you're doing or even life in general? It's an uncomfortable feeling, because you don't know what's causing it, only that you need to do something, and right away. I moped for a few minutes, but that didn't help, so I asked Will if we could go somewhere. He suggested just driving around, but that sounded like more of the same. He jokingly (I think - maybe not) suggested we go browse at a toystore, and I said OK. There's a Best Buy next to the Toys R Us in Glendale, and I thought we could look at televisions to see how much money we have to put together to get something bigger than the teensy thing we've been getting by with. It's 19", which was great when Will bought it for his old studio apartment, but our widescreen movies don't look so great on it. I'm hoping to upgrade to 32" but would gladly settle for 27". Anyway, we looked around and figured that we'd need around $300, and then we went to see what PS2 games were marked down. I found the Simpsons game most appealing, but since I hate the controller for the PlayStation I didn't push the issue. While Will thought it over we browsed the DVDs. I was shocked and delighted to find Ghost Dog: the Way of the Samurai for $6.99, and we decided that at that price we couldn't leave without it. We also picked up the Cypress Hill album with "(rock) Superstar" on it, and the Mummy box set for me. Yes, the Stephen Sommers movies. Yes, I love them. Shove it. Will settled on a game called Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, which sounds ridiculous but I guess is about Samurai.

We drove over to Rian's neighborhood and went to Ernie's, which is this great cheap Mexican place we love. She was asleep, the silly bitch, so we ate without her. Oh, and when I say the place is cheap, I am not taking into account the price of several drinks. Tequila expensive! Oh well. As I was driving back toward the 101 to go home, some boy leaned out of a stretch limo and said, "I can smell that" to me, which was absurd since I was smoking a cigarette. Then I realized that he must have been making assumptions based on my choice of music. I am a bad ass.

When we got home we watched The Magnificent Seven, which I managed to go nearly 26 years without ever seeing. Silly me! It was, er, magnificent.