Saturday, June 19, 2004

I bless the rains down in Africa...

All this time I thought it was "I guess the rain's down in Africa." Reading the lyrics has totally changed that song for me, and I do not know if I am a man or a woman.


I woke up around 9:45 this morning to an empty bed and was convinced that it was a weekday and Will had left for work. I was so depressed! Then I was so happy when I realized he was just in the living room, playing Vice City. I made some coffee and walked him through the hidden packages. (He's beat the game, and started over because we'd had some difficulty with the packages before.)

Having the new TV has not only made the picture quality on everything a thousand times better (and three times bigger!) but has also enabled us to open up the living room significantly by pushing the couch back against the wall. I removed all of the clutter, making the office quite a disaster area but the main living area delightful to be in. Now if I could just get some more bookshelves, a four drawer filing cabinet, and do something about the bedroom. Oh, and I need tons of picture frames. Oh, and S-Video cables for the DVD player. And The Sound of Music.

That reminds me, everyone needs to know that Heath is the most awesome guy ever! He sent Will the Queen box set randomly. We danced in the newly huge living room to "You're My Best Friend." Awwww. *puke*

It is grey and dreary outside. In June! In Los Angeles! I am not complaining, as I actually like this weather, but it is kind of odd.