Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Teevee is my friend.

"You don't have any friends."

Ahhh, but I will at about 5:00 this afternoon! I hope.

First, a little story.

I didn't see Fellowship of the Ring in a theater when it was first released. I'm not complaining - I saw an Academy screener on a big screen TV with an excellent sound system while lounging on a couch in a movie star's office. (The movie star was not in attendance.) I then saw the extended DVD several dozen times at home. Last December when the ArcLight Cinema screened the extended cut a few weeks before Return of the King opened, we went to see Boromir die on the big screen. I cried, of course. But more importantly, I noticed something I'd never seen on the DVD. There is a shot, only a few seconds long, of a beautiful landscape. What I didn't know was that all nine members of the Fellowship are in the background of the shot. Fucking 19" television! It was then that I became determined to upgrade. Finances, however, conspired against this fond wish of mine.

Well, not anymore. This afternoon Jenn will be driving me to Best Buy (she has a truck) to purchase a Toshiba 32" flatscreen television. If they have it in stock. I just hung up the phone after a frustrating attempt to reach someone in the electronics department. It rang and rang and rang, then the automated voice took me back to the menu and I re-selected the correct department and it rang and rang and rang. Repeat process for ten minutes. Those fuckers had better be helping other customers.

Now, to rearrange my entire living room!