Thursday, June 10, 2004

I'm grumpy and I'm not wearing pants.

Oh, I lie. I am wearing pants. Unless you are British, as I am not wearing underpants. Pants, pants, pants.

I started off the day with bad/weird dreams. It's possible that they were influenced by last night's viewing of She Creature, but I can't remember them well enough to be sure. I imagine the part of the dream with severed limbs came from the dream sequence in the movie. Ugh.

I'm pissed off at my grandmother (enough to not bother calling her "Grammy" as she likes us to). My mother forwarded me an email from her, excerpted here:

What a wonderful weekend! I loved every minute of it! Especially seeing [K] walking across the stage to get her diploma. My first grandchild to graduate! I can't wait to see the photos. I'm still pondering Annika's wedding. The latest fare was $205., and I expect it will just keep going up.
Let me get this straight, now. I suck for not graduating, and the cheapest fair I have ever seen from the east coast to LA is not good enough? I understand that money is tough for her, but her tone says to me that as important as it was to see her first grandchild graduate from college, seeing her first grandchild wed is just optional. If it were anyone else I'd be sure that I was overreacting, but my grandmother is the most selfish, judgmental person I know. I call her every year on her birthday, despite the fact that she never calls me, but I am thinking about skipping it this year (if I have not already missed it - I can't find my birthday book). What an email to get when I was already grumpy! (As an aside - Mom, stop sending email with attachments to my MSN account. It's full.)

I am also annoyed with Will's mother, but what else is new?

At least I do not have to get dressed today.