Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Witch hunts: Good, Clean Fun for everybody.

The religious right is amusing the hell out of me lately. Remember last year, when the objection to gay marriage was that it would inevitably lead to beastiality and polygamy? That was so funny, but the latest is even better. One might say it's a laugh riot.

Apparently, even the debate over gay marriage is detrimental to society. Because of it, abortion rates are up and - get this - so are obesity levels. There is "proof."

This is so great! I need to call all of my gay friends (not to mention those gay-friendly traitors) and thank them for making me a fat baby-killer.

Don't think that I've forgotten that gay marriage not only removes the sanctity of marriage but also destroys families. I just can't write about it because I am so depressed that my own marriage and family are doomed, even though we are good little heterosexuals.