Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Not the god-awful movie, but rather mine.

Here's the deal: When I was born my hair was black. It never fell out. When my sister was born her hair was red. It fell out and grew back in blonde. Her hair is now dark blonde or light brown or whatever you want to call that hair-colored hair color. Mine, on the other hand, is a mystery. It got lighter as I grew up and was fairly red by my first birthday:

On the other hand, by age six or so it was dark, dark brown:

Around 16 I started obsessively dying my hair (I wonder how many pillowcases and towels were destroyed due to the combination of me and Manic Panic).

Not Manic Panic but how I looked in college (only bangs are dyed - plenty if you ask me):

I continued dying it on and off until a year or two ago. I've grown out a very short cut and have not dyed once. So the question is, What color is my hair? At a glance, I'm a brunette. But if you look closely at the individual hairs they are pretty damn red. And, to complicate things further, there is a blonde streak above my left eye.

A recent picture:

And now that you've all seen how very pretty I am, I will repeat the question because I'm sure you got distracted: What color is my hair?