Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Now that I've written "Testing" I feel that I ought to blather on about something completely unrelated to testing. WDers have warped my brain.

Anyway. I am trying out Jamie's suggestion of using color (rather than my old standby, grey) for my links. First I tried bolding them but it looked retarded. It seems really blue to me, but I'm opening it up for comments before I try anything else. (I might see if I can make the sidebar links a different color - probably the original grey - and leave the post links blue-grey. So that is one possibility if I don't just keep it like this.)

Also, my FTP issues have been resolved. I was right - I fucked something up on the server end of things. They fixed it for me. The support email was rather chiding. Honestly, for their prices, do they think they have computer geniuses using their services? Or any kind of geniuses? Oh well. Fixed now.