Thursday, May 20, 2004

What I'm Reading, part 1: Online

Inspired partly (in a roundabout way) by Jess's Reference Library posts, I've decided to make a post of links to sites that I enjoy reading. I don't intend to include any that I reference on a regular basis (e.g. CHUD), though a few may slip in. Some of these are daily reads, some weekly, some on an as-needed basis; but all of them are worthy of a look.


  • Alas, a Blog: A lefty, feminist political blog. Started by Barry Deutch, aka ampersand, a brilliant comic author. There are now three other contributers. All of them are brilliant. A daily read for me.

  • I Don't Think: Emily's personal blog. I don't know Emily, but I think she's smart and funny and I love her blog.

  • Sassypants: Sarah and Emily are friends, and everything I said about Emily is true of Sarah. I can't remember which blog I started reading first, but I think it was this one.

  • PORNBLOGRAPHY: Dude. Do not click this link if you are under 18. Or if you find porn and the discussion thereof offensive. (By the way, if the latter is true of you, why on earth do you like me? I loooooove porn.)

  • Cubic Hell: This is one of the most genius blogs on the web. It is anonymous and has several members. The posts are work-related bitching and complaining that cannot be done anywhere but an anonymous group blog.

  • Annika's Journal: No, not me. I don't remember how I first stumbled across annika-with-a-lower-case-a's site. I do remember being surprised at our similarities and differences: we are like evil twins in so many respects. We have the same name, for one thing. I go by bettie sometimes; her best friend's name is Betty. I'm moderately to the left, she's a conservative Republican. We both live in Los Angeles but grew up elsewhere. I'm a lazy housewife, she's a law student. I disagree with her on many issues, but she's always good for an intelligent post from another viewpoint. Plus, sometimes she's really funny.

  • Creature Corner: I pimp out CHUD all the time. Creature Corner is CHUD's baby sister, a site devoted entirely to horror.

  • Irony Central: Jeff is a computer game designer. I think he wants to run the world. Most importantly, he has a two year-old daughter named Cordelia who he writes about. Start with "The Story About The Baby." Go on to "The Story About the Toddler." New installments monthly. Pee-your-pants funny.

  • Union Muse: This is my dad's site. He's been a professional musician for 30 years; about ten years ago he worked for the Musician's Union. Now he works as an advocate for musicians who are being screwed over by the union designed to protect them. Probably only of interest to union musicians, but what the hell. It's my papa, look at it anyway.

  • Tomato Nation: You know Television Without Pity? Of course you do. This is Sars's site. The Vine is her advice column which I have attempted to rip off. Very good stuff.

  • OneLook Reverse Dictionary: Dude. A reverse dictionary. Type in the meaning, it gives you the word. Not perfect (I have found that it is not capable of narrowing down the choices enough for my taste), but for someone like me who is constantly finding the right word "on the tip of my tongue," it can be a lifesaver.

  • Project Gutenberg: Free e-books (generally text documents) of nearly everything in public domain (which is generally anything written prior to 1923). Thanks to Jess for turning me onto this site.

Enjoy. Part 2, my non-internet reads, will be up soon.