Tuesday, May 18, 2004

This is very important.

First, you have to pretend that you are me. Go on, take a moment to admire your fabulous new rack.

All set?

More than a year ago you installed the software for the digital camera. Last June you know that you had the software because you brought it with you to your papa's place in case it was needed to use the camera with his Mac (it wasn't). You know you brought it back home because you called yourself an idiot a few times on the plane for putting it in your carry-on bag. Man, that bag was heavy - remember?

Anyway. Last week you installed a new operating system, making it necessary to reinstall all of your programs. Good job on that, by the way, but if you don't find Norton soon it is your fault that the computer will die.

Today you took a photograph of a hi-larious license plate/license plate cover/bumper sticker combination. Thanks for waiting until traffic stopped, by the way. You went to upload the photo to the computer. XP informed you, in its shiny happy way, that it had detected new hardware. You grabbed the two discs that came with the camera and installed everything on them. It didn't work. You ran around like a chicken with your head cut off looking for the mysterious third disc that was obviously the problem. You came back upstairs to whine to your blog about it when you couldn't find any more discs.

Now, the question, you-that-is-me, is not where the third disc went. You and I both know there never was any third disc. The question is why, for the love of god, did you run disc two twice and ignore disc one? Man, you're dumb.