Thursday, June 03, 2004

Nice day.

I bought something at Target this morning that scanned at a higher price than the shelf price, and the girl at the checkout took my word for it and just keyed in the correct price. That act of kindness, even though I would have stood to lose only a few moments for a price check, made my day. And it kept getting better.

I made lunch and brought it to Will's office, where we ate together. His 10-hour work days are less awful for both of us with a midday interruption. Sadly, all of the offices are separated by glass, so we couldn't eat anything but lunch.

On returning home I picked up the mail, which contained a letter from our dear friend Blair and a package from John containing the Chicago Tribune's Angel tribute and a DVD of Lonesome Dove, the best western ever. And to think, I was just last week saying to suki that I ought to get it in a form other than VHS! John's reason for buying it for us is "I was in Wal-Mart." I love that guy. I was tremendously amused by the "Special Features" listing on the DVD, which included "Fullscreen Presentation." I had that split second of annoyance because I [heart] widescreen before thinking, Of COURSE it's fullscreen, asscarts! It's a MADE-FOR-TV movie! (Even funnier is the fact that John had the exact same reaction in the store.)

Netflix shipped The Return of the King this morning. Cancel all weekend plans, buy tissues.

It's only a few things, but individually they each equal happiness with a small h, and put together it sure feels like Happiness with a big H.