Friday, January 07, 2005

Baby, it's [wet] outside...

It is incredible the way that the wind manages to get under things. (I wrote "up under things" but removed the "up" in deference to Claudia.)

It's pouring again.

I have already been outside once, to replace the grill cover and tie it to the grill. It's now blown completely off after billowing for a while and looking remarkably like a parachute. But it's attached and the Stetson I wore outside the first time is dry again so I am going to let it lie. Lay. Whatever. I'm sure the grill can get dry later.

I am just waiting for the ceiling to start leaking again. Because that is just what I need right now, god damn it.

When Will gets up in the mornings, he runs the heat while getting ready for work. Then I turn it off after he leaves and generally that's fine for the day. Today I turned off the heat at 9:00 and at 9:26 I was FREEZING. It's been on ever since. The wind is coming in through the locked doors. It's awful and I have had enough.

If the rain had been snow, we'd be house-bound by now, and have a natural layer of insulation built up around the place. It would actually be warmer (inside) if this had all been snow! I mean, assuming that the temperature hadn't gone up as high during the day as it tends to in SoCal. Stop bothering me with details! I am fantasizing about snow drifts and hot chocolate and a fireplace that does something (other than leak).