Monday, February 07, 2005

Ahhh, Los Angeles. City of...Angles. Or something.

So I got home this afternoon and checked the mail. In the pile were our voter information packets. Apparently this March we will be voting for Mayor. I skimmed the list of people running for the position. They include the current Mayor, an LA City Councilman, and an Attorney, among others. Ahhh, yes. Others. Well, one Other to be specific: Wendy Lyons, Meatpacker. Now, I have nothing against meatpacking. (Insert sex joke here, please.) And I'm sure Wendy is a lovely gal. But it sure looked funny in a list of lawyers and soforth.

In other news, my condolences to Ace, whose chandelier committed suicide to escape living in a house with people who actually have good taste (unlike whoever installed the damn thing).