Friday, January 28, 2005

stabstabstab killkillkill

(With apologies to Jamie, who used nearly the same subject line recently)

I have just had the singular experience of a lamp exploding. The bulbs, to be specific.

Let me back up.

It started raining the night of our wedding. I mention this only for time frame - we were quite delighted to hear thunder from our honeymoon suite. (Not Honeymoon Suite, just the suite where we honeymooned.) It rained through most of October, and our ceiling began leaking. We kinda freaked out, management sent maintenance to check it out, it stopped raining, we put the furniture back in order, everything was fine. It rained again for most of December and January. We had leaks again, in new and exciting places! It sucked. Maintenance came by again. It eventually stopped raining.

This morning it was sprinkling. While Will was driving to work, it started coming down much more heavily. I kept alert for drips. I heard a drip. I realized quite quickly that it was dripping into our standing lamp. I ran downstairs. In the time that it took me to get to the switch (about six seconds), both bulbs burst. Glass everywhere. And I mean everywhere. We'll be finding shards for weeks. I put a plate over the lamp and something to catch the water on top of that. I called Will and cried, then called management and left a very stern message on the machine which won't do any good because the assholes who own the place are certainly not likely to, oh I don't know, FIX THE ROOF.

I am so angry, but all I want to do is cry.