Thursday, January 27, 2005


Or possibly stressed out.

Maybe even both.

We had to go to court today and this morning I couldn't eat anything. My mouth felt really dry and yucky. I drank lots of water and choked down what I could.

Got to courthouse. Felt faint. Got all flushed and hot after feeling quite cold. Had that feeling of needing to sit down immediately. Sat down.

The legal business is taken care of, not entirely to my satisfaction but I think it will be perfectly fine, and we settled which meant not having to stand in front of the judge (the standing being the possible problem, not the judge).

Came home. Will made me some tea. I was cold again, so turned on the heat despite it being in the 60s outside. I'm feeling all right, just a bit weak. I finally was able to eat, which surely helped.

Nap soon, or maybe bath.

My outgoing email seems to be kaput. I have been replying to people but apparently the replies have not gotten to their destination. I will try again when I am feeling more myself. My apologies, especially to Mindi who I owe feedback (I have been too busy and planned to write it up today, but that isn't looking good).