Monday, January 24, 2005

some numbers

8: the number of loads of laundry that I washed today

2: the number of washers that I used despite the fact that they were kind of gross (one was full of powdered detergent, which I painstakingly removed, one had a wet sock in it...I removed that too)

5: the number of dryers that were not broken

12: the number of dryers in total

3: the number of dryers I was able to use

1 the number of broken dryers someone else used out of what I assume was desperation

4: the number of people who were watching my dryers like hawks, waiting for me to take out my clothes so they could steal the dryer, despite the basket of wet clothing I had sitting right in front of the dryer

0: the number of times those vultures (hawks?) got away with it. I am quick!

5: the number of trips it took me to get my clean, dry, folded laundry back upstairs

ten billion: how tired I am right now