Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Creative Inertia

I wonder if my inability to write actual plots is a resistance to change? I can see characters, settings, situations, thoughts, but not stories. Some might argue. But I know my muse personally, and she is a fucking bitch.

In other news, I started something today, which makes about eight months of creative constipation this round, and if I can figure out where the fuck it's going and convince myself to actually edit (I usually - and I say this with absolutely no ego - don't have to edit), and if I'm not crazy thinking that this might actually be an original thought, maybe it will be a series of sorts. Maybe.

Are muses always female? Darren said something about his Muse, and I told him that the characters talk to me. But I hear my own voice in my head, talking for them, and I am a girl, so maybe that is my muse's voice.

I am pretty tired. Pardon lack of sense.