Saturday, February 05, 2005

I may be a girl after all.

Yesterday I spent a lovely morning with Melanie and her beau Tom wandering around Venice Beach. I had done quite well, managing to only spend $5 on a super-cute tank top and $4 on lunch, when I saw them: THE SHOES. It was love at first sight. Heels, but not too tall, unlike all of the other heels I own. Pink with green piping. Teensy strap like Mary-Janes. And only available in a 6 or an 8.5. I wear a 7. Disaster! Oh, but they also come in brown, with pink piping. EVEN CUTER! So I wound up spending $25 extra on myself, even though we can't afford things like cute shoes. But Will didn't seem to mind much. He is so good to me! I think I am going to put together an outfit worthy of the shoes to wear tonight to dinner at our friends Alan and Kim's place, in which case I will post a picture of The Shoes with said outfit. If I wind up in my usual sneakers (not a bad idea given that I will be playing with Harriet, their Boxer), I will post a picture of The Shoes anyway. I just need to charge the camera battery.

Update on Antioch reunion-y thingy: I knew one person there, though not particularly well - she lived in the same building as me. Will befriended a couple who were there with their gorgeous baby, and found out toward the end of the evening that the husband was the older brother of a guy he used to know. There isn't actually an alumni association out here, though there is an affiliated graduate school somewhere in the area. This was more part of a campaign they're running, which I gather is (as always) to raise money. I managed to contribute what I thought was a brilliant money-raising idea. There is a series of dorm buildings, known collectively as Presidents (each building is named for a former president of the college) that were built as temporary housing in the 60s. Needless to say, they are still in use despite not being anywhere close to habitable. There is a vague plan to knock them down and build permanent housing. I suggested offering alumni the opportunity to begin the destruction for a fee. Charge 'em $50, hand 'em a hammer, provide beer. Knowing Antiochians, they will be flooding out of the woodwork to lend a hand and no professional demolitions crew will be necessary. Even Will said he would fly to Ohio to participate, and he has sworn to never EVER return to Yellow Springs.

In other news, Jenn took me to see the USC chamber choir perform yesterday afternoon. I am not much for choral music, but they really blew me away. The Disney Concert Hall downtown is a really neat building. The architecture is just neat and the acoustics are outstanding. I did have some issues with the color scheme of the carpeting and upholstery, though.

I think I will take a bath now.