Friday, February 11, 2005

Career Bettie

I know of at least one website where you can enter in the ingredients you've got on hand and the site will magically tell you what you can cook with them. Magic! (I am certain I've come across another site that does the same thing, but now I can't find it.)

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a site where you could enter in your skills and weaknesses, and it would magically (MAGICALLY!) tell you what you could do for pay that wouldn't suck out your soul or break up your marriage or leave you physically debilitated?

Yes, I know, there are career counselors and placement tests and soforth, but those things cost money and may not comply with the soul-sucking thing.

So I thought that in lieu of a website or counselor, I would turn to my Crazy Internet People. Because I really need some money, dudes. So I am going to give you a list of the skills I can think of, and a list of the things I cannot do, and you, my beloveds, are going to make suggestions.

I am able to:

  • Read.
  • Write.
  • Copy Edit. I have a certificate that says so.
  • Type. Probably around 50 words per minute, but I have not actually tested myself.
  • Use a computer (including all MS Office programs, Final Draft, and Photoshop - and some Apple movie-making programs, albeit at novice level).
  • Do research, using both the internet and "books."
  • Alphabetize. I can also spell, and use proper grammar.
  • Take photographs (digital and 35mm).
  • Use html and some CSS to create a website.
  • Drive.
  • Use surface streets to get there in half the time it would take on the highway.
  • Cook.
  • Care for/play with children, including infants.
  • Plan a wedding. (What? I can.)
There is surely more that I can do, but that seems a good start.

I absolutely cannot or will not:
  • Work opposing shifts from Will (i.e. I will only work between 10:00 and 6:00, M-F).
  • Be on my feet or active for more than a few hours at a time.
  • Take public transport more than 30 minutes each way and with more than one transfer. Do not try to argue this one, I just won't.
  • Commute much more than 30 minutes using any form of transportation.
  • Be yelled at.
  • Wait tables (which falls under the physical requirements but bears mentioning anyway).
  • Accept less than $15 per hour for my services (more in certain fields). This is negotiable if I am working on a per-project basis.
  • Put myself in unreasonable danger, and anything else that ought to go without saying.
So, based on this haphazard and incomplete listing, what should I attempt to do with myself? (By the way, my resume stinks. But I will work on it.)