Wednesday, May 04, 2005

In which my lack of follow-through is discussed.

I get so many ideas that I get overwhelmed and don't work on any of them. This has kept me from writing anything for the past three years, with rare exception and only until recently. It also prevents me from finishing anything I start on this goddamn blog. Which, as Mindi pointed out (though not in her exact words), makes me a total cocktease.

How about a list?

  1. CAPTION CONTEST: I know I am really late in announcing the winner. Thing is, all the entries were really funny. So I need another day or two. I'm sorry.

  2. RON JEREMY: I totally thought I explained that. My bad. He was at the first screening I went to for Creature Corner, because he had a cameo in one of the movies. We're groping each other in the picture because he thought I ought to "make [my] husband jealous." Little did Ron Jeremy know that Will doesn't get jealous.

  3. MY HAIR: Two Fridays ago I went to the salon where I get my hair cut and had pink streaks put in it. I will get a picture taken ASAP.

  4. MISCELLANEOUS: Remember, like, forever ago, when I did that meme-ish thing where y'all ask for pictures of three things and I take those pictures and post them? And remember how some of you made requests but I never posted the pictures? Well, I started taking them rather promptly, then had some camera issues (I can't remember what issues - probably something lame like needing to charge the battery), then forgot all about it. I will resurrect that as soon as I follow through on this other junk. The "breakfast" picture I took for P@ was priceless. Hopefully it's still around.
If there's anything I'm forgetting, I hope someone will remind me.