Thursday, April 28, 2005

World (Wide Web) Domination!

My hosting package expires in two or three weeks. I totally thought I had till June. I want a new host but I don't know which one. I want to move this blog to that host and set it up in Word Press or Movable Type (unless there is another system more highly recommended). I want someone to tell me how to make an external style sheet. I want to set up a gallery (possibly using Gallery).

Any volunteers? The main thing is to choose a new host. I have NO MONEY so it can't be too pricey. I would prefer a host that will help me move the site over. The blog thing is secondary. I'm fine on Blogger for now but the longer I wait the more entries I'll have to move over. I have already had this blog for three years.

Oh, I will also need someone to call me every other day and ask me if I have bothered inserting html into the stuff I need to put online. The answer will be no and I will disconnect the phone, but maybe you'll get lucky and I'll do the work anyway.