Thursday, April 21, 2005

Another interview!

This one from my own husband. That rascal.

1. You are an alarm clock, and your job is to wake me up: what do you do?
This is a family-friendly site! By which I mean that my mother reads it! So the answer is not fit for printing. But I'll show you later.

2. A vortex opens in the living room while you are knitting on the couch. Two tall Alien Creatures step out and say: "Earth Human Bettie Thing: we are taking all but three of the DVDs from your shelf." Which three do you ask them to leave? Pls note, box sets & series count as single DVDs, cause they are aliens. And weird.
The original Star Wars trilogy. THE ONE WHERE HAN SHOOTS FIRST. If I can count those as a box set, I will also keep:

  • Deadwood! Those cocksuckers better not take my Deadwood!
  • Black Hawk Down because my husband would never get over the loss, and besides, we want these lousy aliens to think highly of our military and therefore shouldn't show them our fuckups.
3. You are going to make a pie for your husband, because he is wonderful and kind and generous and humble. You may NOT make him humble pie. What kind of pie do you make him?
Apple pie.

4. You have a choice: bungie jumping, or skydiving. Proper preperation time is afforded for either. Which do you chose?
Skydiving. There is NO POWER ON THIS EARTH that could make me bungie jump.

5. Leeches. What do you think of leeches?
A sadly underused medical tool. Also good for a laugh. Not fun on your balls.

So, this interview comes from the dreaded LiveJournal. I am supposed to print my answers in my LJ (not going to happen) and then offer to interview anyone who comments asking me to. I'll do that part, but I make no promises about quality of questions, promptness, et cetera. Then you post your answers in your journal and make the same offer. I say that last part is optional - and of course, if you don't have a journal online, you can post your answers in my comments, but I will think you are some kind of technophobe weirdo.