Saturday, April 16, 2005

People are stupid.

Gas prices in Los Angeles are currently betwee $2.65 and $2.80 a gallon. I've heard some mumbled complaints, but most people are just dealing with it. Jenn, for example, is taking public transportation to work. That is an example of not being stupid.

In the past two days I've read, in more than one place, written by separate people, a new complaint. People are pissed off that it costs $30 to fill the tank of their fuel efficient cars. "What is the point of having a fuel efficient car?" they ask.

I will tell you the point, MORON. Your car is fuel efficient. The gas tank is the same size as that of a non fuel efficient car. You fill that gas tank half as often. Therefore, you spend $30 only once a month, and the rest of us fill ours twice a month. So in one month, you still spend half as much money on gas as we do. JUST NOT ON A SINGLE TANK. Please, do not operate a moving vehicle if your brain is missing.

In other news, a group of Star Wars nerds enthusiasts is camped out waiting for ticket sales to open for Revenge of the Sith. This wouldn't be noteworthy except that they're camped out in front of Grauman's Chinese. Episode III is not playing at the Chinese. It's playing at the ArcLight, half a mile down the road. When Grauman's informed the nerds queuers of their error, they opted not to walk down to the correct theater, but to remain in front of Grauman's in protest because that is where they feel the movie should open.

This requires no commentary.