Saturday, April 23, 2005

In brief.

1. Apologies to Katy. I made it up in a fit of strange temper. I had no idea.

2. We visited the library today and left with 7 Nero Wolfe books.

3. Yesterday, I made a far more interesting visit, to Grauman's theatre to see the Nerds. I had a thoroughly lovely time and will report on it at length later.

4. I am cooking Veal Saltimbocca, garlic risotto, and asparagus for dinner. That is just the main course - there will also be appetizers. So you see, I am busy.

5. I love cows and dislike the way they taste (actually, I have no idea, because I won't try them), but I do cook them because my husband loves to eat them, and, based on his drooling when I suggested tonight's menu, likes them even better when they are babies.

7. Also yesterday I spent four hours in a hair salon and attempted to kill our car. The car survived and my hair is INCREDIBLY FABULOUS.