Friday, April 29, 2005

Check it out, I'm like a buzz bomb.

Yesterday afternoon I got a last-minute invitation to a screening of Lions Gate Films' High Tension. I drank three gallons of water, downed a pot of coffee, and started popping pain killers. That headache was NASTY, but I beat it far enough into submission that I was able to make the drive to Santa Monica. Remarkably, traffic was kind to me. When I arrived, I learned that it was actually a webmasters-only (or, in my case, web reporter) screening, which is the coolest thing I have ever heard of any studio doing in the history of film promotion. They served cocktails, there was a cheese platter, and popcorn, and the movie was really excellent. AND, there was a GOODIE BAG at the end of the evening. I have the coolest keychain on earth, and a couple of other Lions Gate titles on DVD. And a t-shirt, but I could fit three of me in it, so I'm sending it to my Creature Corner boss. (I doubt he is three times my size.)

Now I have to write my review. I'd procrastinate more, but I have this weird work ethic problem.