Saturday, May 28, 2005

Wanted: husband

There's nothing wrong with the one I've got, except that I bought Star Wars: Battlefronts for the PS2 yesterday. He'd stop playing if I asked him to, but then I'd feel guilty. I mean - "Stop playing your TOTALLY AWESOME NEW GAME and pay attention to meeeeeeeeeee!" - not very mature, is it?

So I need an extra husband so that there will always be someone to pay attention to meeeeeeeeeee.

Yup. A much more mature solution.

P.S. Speaking of mature, I am going to be a totaly infant for a second because I want to share with you all the fact that my troll is obsessed with me! According to the logs, I am the only person who reads this blog more often than the troll is overcome with "bordem." Well. Me and Mindi.