Wednesday, August 31, 2005


As in, I have been. And also will be.

We are leaving on a jet plane tomorrow at the crack of dawn. We land in Newark some gazillion hours later (thank god I no longer smoke) and are spending the long weekend with Will's family. His cousin (hi Liz!) got married in Hawaii last month and they are throwing a luau/reception for the family. I am looking forward to it.

It may be that all of my time is spoken for, but if you are in the New York City/Northern Jersey area and would like to see me, drop me an email. I will try to make time for you.

After the weekend I am supposedly coming home again with my sweetheart, but there is a chance I will extend my stay to go help my grandmother move (and hopefully to see Joni and her family, since I will be so close). I haven't decided yet and I'm really stressed out over the whole thing.

Would it be tacky to start an iBook fund? I desperately need one. This vacation is going to suck so hard. I was finally getting on track with my writing.

Anyway. I expect to be quiet, but I will have internet access, so please drop me a line.