Monday, August 08, 2005


It has just come to my attention that I have not updated in 5 days. (Really, I only noticed because my blog is my home page and I opened my browser and went, "Wednesday? Gee, that was five days ago.")

So, I will tell you an exciting little story.

This morning I drove Will to work so that I could have the car (though the reason I needed the car is no longer valid so all I've done is put a few extra miles on it). When I got home I put a load of laundry in, then came upstairs and dicked around on the internet while eating breakfast. Nearly TWO HOURS later I remembered about the laundry and went back downstairs to put it in the dryer, where it is currently tumbling, hopefully in something resembling heat (the machines here have - at best - about a 50% chance of working). I am currently done with breakfast, still dicking around [/Mindi], and listening to the maintenance guy fix my toilet.

Also of note: Darren arrived on Thursday. He is here (Los Angeles, not necessarily my apartment) for good. Other than my enormous melt-down on Saturday, things are going well in that department. My chiropractic sessions are going well and I am feeling better, though still very far from 100%. Unfortunately I only have enough money to pay for one more appointment, so after tomorrow I am fucked.

Furthermore: we have been watching Reno 911 (Darren brought his DVDs) and I LOVE it. I am far from shocked, as I also LOVED The State.

And finally: I was very sad to hear that Peter Jennings died. He was my favorite newscaster (if one can have such a favorite) and it was his honest* reporting that really helped me to get through September 11th without having a complete breakdown. I know that a stupid, clich�d thing to say but it's true.

* By "honest" I mean that he did not try to hide his shock or to put on a "brave face," just reported in his rumpled shirt. He hadn't shaved yet when he was called to the studio. He was so HUMAN.