Thursday, September 15, 2005

All hail me.

Screenplay finished.

Yes, I said FINISHED. Of course, there are massive revisions to take place before we can even show it to anyone. Like, the second and third acts. But whatever! I (figuratively) wrote "THE END!"*

attn: people with better vocabularies than me

I need a word that means slut, but refers to men, and was in use (doesn't have to be popular use) in 1919 but is still recognizable today.

Don't question me, just help.

and furthermore

I have been eating cheese for the past couple of days with no ill effects. Those Canadians really make excellent dairy products.

* Er, I am stoopid. I originally omitted quotation marks, making my use of the word "figuratively" inaccurate as I literally wrote the end of the script but only figuratively wrote the words "the end."