Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Today I was a citizen.

After nearly two days of almost nothing but knitting (I finished my mother's Christmas gift and am more than halfway through this baby blanket which I have decided not to keep but that is another story) I took action today. For all of twenty minutes, but still. Action.

I walked to my polling place and cast my vote on several annoying propositions, most of which I find abhorrent (give the government more power and monetary discretion? I DON'T THINK SO.) That was entertaining, and I got an "I Voted" sticker to add to the collection on my monitor (which aptly proves that I don't vote every time, just when I can be bothered). I also overheated on the walk. My mistake - I thought since it's cold outside, I'd wear a sweater. Crazy!

On the way back home I passed a boy (maybe ten or so) on the front stoop doing his homework. He said hello and I said hello and he asked me if I knew how much two tons is. I told him that a ton is two thousand pounds, so I reckon two of them would be four thousand pounds. I did not get into long and short tons because I was pretty sure his practice test didn't cover that. YES THAT'S RIGHT. I HELPED A SCHOOLBOY WITH HIS SCHOOLWORK. Wanna make something of it?