Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wish List (Updated!)

  • iBook
  • maternity clothes
  • Origins products: Checks and Balances face wash, Balanced Diet moisturizer, Night-A-Mins, Salt Butter bath scrub, Never A Dull Moment face scrub, A Perfect World white tea skin guardian, Out Smart spf, Underwear For Lids in beige and pink (oh heck, brown too).
  • new winter jacket (this is kind of in the maternity category) (nevermind, found the perfect one)
  • new job for my sweetheart (which will lead to a new place to live and less stress for both of us, which is all I really want for Christmas besides the computer)
  • yarn

I am being absolutely serious when I say that the iBook is the most important item on the list. I know you're not supposed to tell people what to get for you and that it's tacky to assume people are giving any gifts at all but too bad. Apple gift cards in absolutely any amount are what I want and I can't think of any way to get them without asking.

I am not asking for any baby stuff (though you can bet that's what I'd use yarn for) because we are still five months (and change) out from even having a baby and it isn't as though s/he will need lots of stuff right off.

Now that I've done my selfish bit for the day year, you must all post yours (except Jenn and Allison who are way ahead of me), at your blog if you have one.