Friday, January 27, 2006

And the Award for Best Blog goes to...


Well, it does if you nominated yourself back in November.

This year (er, last year?) I have decided that rather than assigning each blog its own category I will simply name you all Best Blog and allow you to fight it out amongst yourselves.

You have three Award choices, which you may display on your blog if you like.

Congratulations to CosmicAvatar, Sharon, P@, Jenn, Podgy, dee, Cazzle, Liz, Marsh, Amanda, Amy, Allison, Stephanie, Heath, Eileen, Katherine, Kulia, Rodolpho, Min, Delle, and Laurie.

Your blog is my favorite!

I'm experimenting with the blogger photo upload thingy, so I have no idea whether you can direct link to the buttons or not. You may have to save them and upload them to your own blog. I don't know! Let me know what happens.