Monday, January 23, 2006


After a great deal of nonsense and last minute scrambling, my husband will be leaving from Burbank (assuming they resume departures) first thing Wednesday morning and flying to Utah where he will spend some time in the freezing cold and maybe see some movies. Since the plan was made too late for me to arrange to go with him, I of course assume that he will indeed be spending four days hanging out with his pal Bob Redford while I sit at home and cry.

I had come up with a brilliant plan to travel to Seattle while he was at Sundance, but that too has become impossible due to the Can't Get Their Act Together nature of Will's employers. (To be fair, they're in pre-production right now.) Even if I can't go this time, though, it seems that flights can be found for around $150 which is not that much all things considered. I mean - Seattle! They have Katherine and Mindi there! And a fish market! And coffee! And rain! And that is actually everything I know about Seattle! So I'm thinking of trying to sneak in a visit sometime in the next two months or so, if that is agreeable to everyone involved.

In other news, my dream of becoming a Metroblogger may be coming true. Stay tuned.