Thursday, January 26, 2006

The three faces of blog.

Mindi asked me why I've used the three names this blog has gone by over the years. I thought I'd post my answer (expurgated) here.

Sick Boy: My Life as a Good Girl was sort of a joke. It was a reference to Will, and a Social Distortion song about a bad boy.

Scratching at the 8-ball is from another Social Distortion song, probably my favorite, called "Bad Luck." The song is about, um, exactly what it sounds like. If you scratch at the 8-ball, you automatically lose in pool, usually after being one shot away from winning. Seemed like an apt description of life in general (not necessarily mine).

Through the Looking Glass was perfect because I wanted to reinvent the blog a little bit. I changed the template and made it a little bit more of a reflection of me. Also, I adore Alice in Wonderland.

And there you have it.