Friday, February 17, 2006

Mittie strikes again.

A few months ago I opened a different browser than usual and went to, where I discovered that I was logged in as Mindi, who'd used that browser at my house a year prior. I was amused by this and made a post about it; someone suggested that if Mindi and I were both logged on as her it could cause a rift in the SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM (or possibly something less dramatic than that). It was then decided that she and I were merging into one person, to be called Mittie (for Min and bettie). Aren't inside jokes fun?

I bring this up because in the previous entry, Mindi and my comments have been eating each other. ONLY ONE OF US CAN HAVE COMMENTS AT A TIME. I find this highly suspicious.

UPDATE: And this entire entry was eaten. I've recreated it using nanotechnology.