Friday, February 10, 2006

disappointment, again

A gentleman just called for Will from Vivid Entertainment. "Isn't that porn?" Will says. So I ask the man on the phone if I can help him, and sure enough, they'd like to "ask some questions," and to thank us for our time they'll send us FOUR of their "hottest XXX adult titles." I ask the man to hold on, laugh hysterically and relay the information to Will, and then give the man permission to go ahead.

Then he broke my heart: They will send their four hottest XXX adult titles, a value of $30-40 apiece, for a shipping and handling charge of $14.95. "That isn't free," says me. "I never said 'free.'" says my new mortal enemy. It was implied. I tell him I'm not interested if I have to answer questions and pay money. He hangs up. I cry because we haven't got those four hottest XXX adult titles and now we probably never will.