Wednesday, February 08, 2006

pregnancy update

Hi. My name is Annika and I am hungry All. The. Time.

I wake up at about 5:00 every morning, desperate to pee. Once I'm up I generally can't sleep for at least half an hour, and tend to spend that time alternately staring at the ceiling and trying to get comfy again. Occasionally I come up with brilliant ideas for stories, blog posts, etc., but I never write them down. One night it was more like 3:30 and Will woke up too, so we had tea. That was fantastic.

The frogger is very active, rolling around, stretching, doing complicated gymnastics, and kicking and punching mommy at will. Sometimes I get thumped on the ass. From the inside. This is as hilarious as it sounds.

The baby tends to be the most active when I want to be asleep (or otherwise in bed). I assume this is a portent of Things To Come.

My right hip started bothering me yesterday. My chiropractor used the dread word "sciatica," which I am very actively pretending not to have heard. Also I'm not convinced that's what it is, since the discomfort is very localized. Like, just my hip joint is troubling me. Still, whatever it is, it cannot be denied that I'm having trouble walking. This is very annoying.

I still think pregnancy is awesome and wonderful. Two separate people have said things to me recently about "what [I'm] going through," and I was shocked at the choice of words. I just don't think I'm going through anything. Experiencing is more like it.