Friday, February 03, 2006

The update.

I was told by a certain someone who is contractually obligated to keep loving me whether I update or not that the Charles In Charge post has overstayed its welcome and needs to move down the page.


The problem, of course, is that I haven't a thing to say. I'm in the middle of a project that needs to be finished today. I'm hungry. The dog ate my homework.

I can tell you that Heath Allyn called me on the telephone today, and Katherine Smith called me yesterday. I think this is admissible evidence for the case against Seattle and Austin being so far away from Los Angeles. (What?)

There is a conference for women bloggers, called BlogHer, in San Jose in July. (August? It's mid-summer, anyway.) I am intrigued. I am curious. I am envious of my bloggy friends who are able to go. I could theoretically drive up, two-month-old froggy in tow, attend one day of the conference or maybe just the cocktail party in the evening, and...what? Drive home in the middle of the night with an infant? Stay in a motel? I don't know. It's too expensive and impossible to even think about.

Speaking of driving, I'm a little bit in love with my car. And also uncomfortable calling it mine. Will keeps referring to it that way, but he is the one who is paying for it, it's registered in his name, and I am just his little wife who brings home meager freelance earnings totalling enough for Thai delivery or thereabouts.

I still don't have Office for Mac. This is causing me serious grief because AppleWorks is incompatible with absolutely everything except AppleWorks...but it is the only word processing program I have. Cock. I have to print things that other people need to see because email won't work. That of course causes its own problems since I haven't hooked up the printer yet...but at least all I need there is to hunt down a USB cable. In the meantime it's a good thing I am friendly with all of Will's co-workers or else they'd be pretty bored of seeing me and my damn computer.

I like ice cream bars.