Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"sordid sex storys"

Someone found my site (noirbettie.com - not this blog specifically) using those search terms. I wonder what they might have found with the correct plural. I wonder if there are any sordid sex storys [sic] on my site. If so, whose are they and can I borrow them?

I met Diablo Cody the other night at a signing of her book Candy Girl. Somehow Will brought up the naughty pictures I posed for once upon a time. I think he wanted to know if my parents knew about them, which, um, now they do! Surprise!

Five years ago I nearly froze to death in a studio in Chicago, posing for some beautiful (but totally tasteless) lesbian bondage erotica. The (pay) site the pictures were on no longer exists and I do not have copies. I'm working on tracking the photographer down. If there's a chance my children will find out, which there is, it seems I ought to tell them. Besides, I'm not remotely ashamed of it. Those were some hot pictures.

That was the closest I ever came to sex work. I'm too old now to try dancing (that's "stripping" to anyone who's never lived with a dancer), which I find mildly disappointing even though I'd never have been able to cut it. Anyway, I lost my center of gravity.