Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wait. What day is it?

Dear Universe,

Was yesterday April Fool's Day? Did I get confused? I thought it wasn't till Saturday (when I will be getting the biggest April Fool at LAX in the form of my sister), but yesterday had all the tell-tale signs.

Three separate offers came in. You can imagine, Universe dear, that three offers in one day is unheard of for a lowly freelancer who hasn't much hope of going far. I worried about buying new clothing, and got an email from M containing a proposal. Mere hours after I was fretting over the cost of the wireless router I want, I got the opportunity to review a movie I'm dying to see anyway for a publication with good readership in an area I'd never reach otherwise. And my contract will be renewed for the editing job I've been working at.

You might say I'm too busy. It's wonderful. I feel a sense of accomplishment, my husband is proud...

So, Universe, what's a girl to think? Did I rack up so much good karma that it couldn't all wait until the next life? Is the other shoe going to drop momentarily?

Please. 'Splain.