Thursday, April 13, 2006

34 weeks

First of all:

He is so in love with us.

The weight of the baby/my gut/whatever and gravity have finally gotten together. My belly is hanging lower than it was. I don't know if you can tell from a photo...

I am sleeepy and full in this picture.

So, 34 weeks. Baby is still quite active. Also still butt up, which is apparent when baby does its stretches (by which I mean stretches out arms and legs in front of it and pushes as hard as it can, forming a shelf under my boobs with its behind). Baby is most especially pushy-stretchy when competing for space with non-essentials like dinner. And yet, baby is always hungry. We're planning a chat about cause and effect.

Baby may be a musical genius, which would explain its reaction to Daddy's banjo and singing. Rather than shivers of delight or fear, I theorize that baby is shouting, "NO!" and quivering with rage every time Will sings for pleasure rather than Art.

Between the baby in the front and the extra weight all over (I am at around 175), my back is very unhappy. Not to mention my hips and pelvis. Oddly, laying back on the couch, which puts the weight onto my spine, feels very good. I guess my body is taking what it can get, which means putting up with one kind of pressure to alleviate another.

We received a lovely gift today - a beautiful diaper bag from Dee. Apparently I opened an Amazon/Babies R Us wishlist at some point in time and put this bag on it. I have no memory of doing so, though I do remember considering the registry and deciding to go another route (see sidebar if you're so inclined). So, you know, I'm crazy/senile but the bag is really great so who cares, right? That reminds me, a friend of mine wants to throw me/us a shower. I suppose I ought to take her up on it, since 1) I love the idea of a party to celebrate the Frog, and 2) Presents! but I am a little freaked out by the whole thing. Typical me. (Am I supposed to invite out-of-towners or just local friends? I don't know what I'm doing!)

34 week checkup is tomorrow morning. I am getting the shot. I had a really thoughtful comment sent via PM with questions about my distrust of doctors. I intend to answer it (publicly because it is an interesting subject for discussion) as soon as possible.

I am peeing approximately every 15 minutes. Sometimes considerably more often. Sometimes (several times a day) the baby grabs at my bladder (probably my cervix? feels like it's twisting my bladder) and I have to pee but can barely walk.

I am getting really tired of the mood swings, panic attacks, and crying jags. Of course, when I am not depressed I am blissfully happy.

In vaguely related news, I am most of the way through Anne's House of Dreams.

And in totally unrelated news, my goddamn wireless keeps telling me I'm out of range of the airport. When I haven't moved. And when I do move, to go stand next to it. Bad Floyd! I am very annoyed.