Thursday, April 13, 2006

A quick poll while I run around like a madwoman trying to get shit done

Jeez-o-pete am I busy today. I'm taking the time to write this as a sanity-saving measure. Then I have a gazillion things to do for work, laundry and dishes to wash, donuts to buy (what?) a shower to take, weekend plans to make...and all before six.

I'm also hoping to get some sewing done and design my business cards.

And I have a huge pregnancy update in the works. (We're at 34 weeks today! Holy crap!)

Also I had this crazy idea that I'd spruce up my Etsy store and add some things to it in the hopes of generating enough extra income to buy some nice yarn for a baby project.

As you might guess, I am feeling a teensy bit frazzled right now.

So, which of these do you like better - with or without text?

EDIT: Context! The banner (sans text) is on the shop page so you can see it surrounded by the page text. That should be helpful.

I can rearrange the images if anyone thinks it necessary. I arranged them somewhat haphazardly in the first place. And if you totally hate it I guess you should tell me but be nice.