Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Some thoughts on comments.

I don't blog for comments. I blog for me, and with the hope of entertaining my readers. That said, feedback is extremely valuable to me.

This page averages about 300 hits per day, not including my own. I am hardly dooce*, but I am not exactly unpopular. Lately my posts have been receiving one to 10 comments apiece. When I asked for advice, I received 20+. (When I was mugged, I received 50+ and my engagement and pregnancy announcements were up there as well, but those were very unique.)

I know that I am just terrible about leaving comments at the blogs I frequent. So this might look a little hypocritical. I'm not complaining, but I am curious - why so many page views and so few comments (comparitively)?

I know part of the trouble is that I have disabled anonymous commenting and discourage commenting at the livejournal feed. I would love to be more accomodating, but if I allow anonymous comments I tend to be subjected to extra abuse, which I am just not willing to suffer right now. I don't mind comments at livejournal but I just can't remember to check more than one place. Blogger emails my comments to me so I never miss any.

Maybe it is time to move over to WordPress like I keep threatening.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on comments? If you blog, do you do it for the feedback (even partly)?

*I would have thought a link totally unnecessary, but two weeks ago I discovered someone otherwise internet-savvy who had never heard of dooce.