Friday, April 07, 2006

Delicious cheese sandwich!

Not an actual cheese sandwich, but a bloggy one.

Although I still have next to no idea what a receiving blanket is, I now have one. I broke in my sewing machine hemming it. I am pleased to report that the Kenmore is not just pretty, but also functional! Or anyway, it was with K here to show me what to do. Now I'm sure it will refuse to cooperate at every turn.

Yes, I put the munchkin on a plane (er, on the curb by the Delta counters) at LAX last night. Funny story: we both were nearly asleep by 9:00 and sat, dumb, listening to the conversations at Stitch 'n Bitch until it was time to leave.

Back to the sewing: I flaunted conventional wisdom by failing to prewash the fabric. My feeling is that it's just a zig-zag stitch around the edge, and anyway it's fairly tight stitching and the fabric can bloody well shrink to match if it insists on shrinking at all. Also: It's huge and I can always trim it and start over.

Up next: burp cloths and washcloths/wipes.

Incidentally (smooth segue back to the sister), I did not take one picture the entire time K was here. Oopsie! She took lots, though, which I will steal once she is home and has them online.

The gods poured down rain upon our heads for most of the visit, leaving us here with piles of housework. We packed up what seemed like a billion DVDs and VHS tapes, but still somehow have an entire bookshelf's worth out for consumption. It is vaguely horrifying while quite gratifying. We did not, unfortunately, go to Chinatown. We did, however, go to Santa Monica, where K bought some awesome books for the baby and I saw a stuffed Rhino that I have to get. Also we went to Joann and bought fabric (even though I said I was going to find a smaller, less irritating store) and Stitch Cafe and bought yarn. I am officially broke. But while I was spending money, I also got a totally kickass haircut. And some clothes to wear on Saturday, but that couldn't be helped � it is a black tie wedding and while I think the eight-months-pregnant lady can get away with being slightly underdressed, I don't think sweatpants would have been acceptable.

And now for a quick whine/plea for attention: did you all read my Bettie Page review? As it is my first review outside of Creature Corner (with whom I have not parted ways � I've just eased up on my contributions) I would really love some feedback. Be warned, it is posted at an adult website (not porn).

The end! Now I want a sandwich.