Friday, March 31, 2006

Things and some stuff (32 weeks).

My boy (or girl) has a bony behind. This is, I know, to be expected; nonetheless, I can't help remarking upon it as it has been poking out of my belly for a few weeks now and as a result I often find myself rubbing my baby's butt. (Uccellina gave it a feel last night and should be able to confirm.)

Yes, folks, 32 weeks pregnant and all I can come up with to discuss is my child's ass. I assure you, it is a far more engaging topic than the game we play daily, "grab mommy's bladder and twist until she cries � or at least pees." Just wait till the baby is born. Oh, the posts I'll write then...

Gratuitous belly picture:

As it was taken after a screening of The Notorious Bettie Page, I feel fat and hate my clothes. (The movie is not out for another couple of weeks. My review will be published next week.)

Some things I've been reading:

That's it for now � can't have anyone thinking I am more than vaguely literate!