Friday, February 21, 2003

For your amusement � the msn chat log is back.

On grammar
Phoebe: How're you?
Annika: Pretty good. Or does "I am pretty well" sound better?
Phoebe: Huh. I think that the latter requires too much to be put in ellipsis--your brain has to figure out "I am doing pretty well." I read in one of my grammar books that one should avoid overuse of ellipsis.
Annika: That hurt my head. I'll leave it at "good."
Phoebe: Okay. It hurt my head, too.

On Salinger
Annika: I read "Uncle Wiggely" the other night, which I know I've read before but didn't remember at all. I liked it a great deal.
Phoebe: So do I. I understand it very poorly, though.
Annika: I doubt that I understood it well the first time - I think that's why I don't remember it well.
Phoebe: Yeah. I always forget what it's called, too.
Annika: I misspelled it, but it's Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut.
Phoebe: Oh. Is it? I thought it was "Wiggily." Huh.
Annika: It is. I misspelled it again.

On apartments
Annika: Oh! I had some thoughts about apartments that I wish to write down. It will either be extremely boring or just the sort of thing that you and I tend to talk about.
Phoebe: Oh! I love apartments. I suspect it will be the latter.

Phoebe: Your apartment is so pretty. You shouldn't move until I grow up and sub-let it from you.
Annika: The apartment next-door is empty. It's just like ours in mirror image. I desperately want to rent them both and have a Through the Looking Glass apartment.
Phoebe: Ooh, like Coraline, but hopefully not dangerous.
Annika: If there is a Will there with button-eyes I will be very upset.
Phoebe: You are incredibly cute.
Phoebe: And, yes, that would be very alarming.
Annika: I don't know what I would do, but I think it would involve fetching you and possibly Dustin to help.

On hair
Phoebe: My hair, in theory, grows very quickly too, but I can never tell anymore. Well, maybe it does, because I'm always trying to trim my hair-in-face. (I keep parts of my hair shorter so that they'll be in my face.)
Annika: That is terribly cute.
Phoebe: Thank you.
Phoebe: It started when I wanted to be like Phoebe-the-character. She has hair-in-face.
Annika: I wish to be more like a character. My trouble is that I haven't got a character in mind.
Phoebe: I know exactly what you mean. I want to write a book about wanting to be a character.

On The New Yorker
Annika: I'm going to ask [Will] tonight if I may renew the subscription. I shouldn't, because we're broke, but I want to.
Phoebe: Oh, the New Yorker is wonderful. I mean, it's really good these days, but in addition to that it's great for one's image.
Annika: I completely agree.