Friday, February 14, 2003

Yahoo! Photos is a real pain in the ass. I have been uploading pictures of our apartment for over half an hour now. I think it is time to invest in DSL.

In totally unrelated news, I spoke to Phoebe last night for over an hour. We discussed many things, including sewing, Peter Jackson, Alexander the Great, raincoats, exercise, and public school. It was a devastatingly lovely conversation.

So today is Valentine's Day. It looks like I won't be receiving candy (don't want it), flowers (requested that he not pay the inflated prices for something that will die so quickly), or jewelry (I'm guessing, but I know the bank balance). In listing the things I will not be given, I don't wish to appear to be complaining, just observing. I told Will that I just wanted him and I meant it.

Last night, the five-year anniversary of us, we went to a comedy club. It was interesting.

Oh, sonofabitch. Netscape just freaked out and closed. I doubt if any of the photos uploaded.

Anyway, this comedy club. We went because my friend Lisa Beth's brother was one of the comedians, and I've been meaning to meet him/see his act for a while now. $12 cover and 2 drink minimum seems a bit steep, but oh well. Some of the guys were really funny, the MC was oddly attractive, and I looked fabulous. We're best not talking about the drinks at all, though.

Dude! It worked!

I'm going to quit now while I'm ahead. Happy Valentine's day to all of my stalkers. Your restraining orders cards are in the mail.